Calving Glacier“ Thank you Tom and Tish for the most amazing week! We will always remember all the new firsts for our family, but from well experienced travelers, we have never experienced such graciousness, attention to detail, and always, always, always, going the extra mile for us! Never will we experience this wonderful service again until we return to the Alaska Quest!” Sarah C. and family -2017

“This was the most exhilarating trip imaginable! Fun, humorous, inspiring, majestic, and educational! Really enjoyed Tom’s master seamanship along with knowing just where to go for the best wildlife viewing. Many Alaskan stories from both Tish and Tom added to the festivities. Tish‘s phenomenal meals and snacks certainly made every day a big treat! Just a wonderful trip in every way!“ Polly P. 2018

“We were fortunate enough to be back on the Alaska quest for a second time and it was even better than the first trip! We were so excited to see over two dozen bears they were everywhere! We are extremely grateful to Capt. and Tom for getting us up close and personal with all the Bears and all the Dahl porpoises. Having them swim with the boat twice was amazing. The rockfish derby was so fun! The captain always knows the best fishing spots. And of course we have to give a huge shout out to Tish is amazing cooking! We ate like kings all week we would both like to give Tish and Tom a huge thank you for making this trip an absolutely wonderful experience for us from start to finish. We could not have asked for a better week! Thank you thank you thank you! “ Donna and Matt 2017 (returned for third trip 2019)

“The bears on this trip were quite special – the sow and two cubs especially. The kayak paddles at Ell Cove, Hodden Falls and Pleasant Bay we’re all super special. The food on the boat was amazing! Tish is incredible and her culinary skills are off the charts! The way Tish and Tom work together to run the ship is truly special. They are truly a power couple… There is love, respect, and true appreciation of the other and what they have is very special as a couple and as a team to host the best charter in Alaska! This is our third expedition and we are looking forward to our fourth next year! Tom and Tish are great hosts, and it’s wonderful that Tom put safety as the highest priority. Tom is a wonderful captain, a terrific navigator, A fine fisherman and a fine human being. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be a guest on their ship/home and their hospitality is appreciated and so very much enjoyed. Thank you!“ Deborah and Ed -2019

"Imagine being up close to whales, bears, jumping salmon, seals, birds and the incredible great outdoors of Alaska. In this 66’ -expedition yacht, you are right at the action. Crabbing, shrimping, kayaking, riding the skiff to waterfalls and hidden coves, hot springs soaking, fishing, hiking, iceberg filled waters and glaciers calving. On our weeklong trip we pulled in numerous crabs, huge spot prawns, lots of salmon and rock fish. Gourmet cook Tish and Experienced Captain Tom are not only lots of fun but make every day magical. The food is incredible and they clean and prepare everything you catch. The ship is very comfortable with 2 queen staterooms, a bunk room, 3 baths, salon and pilot house with dining settee – both with panoramic windows. Sitting outdoors on the top deck around the glass fire pit, eating the endless quantities of Dungeness crab you caught with a sunset and moonrise, priceless! We recommend the 8 day trip from Juneau! We’ve been twice! You must hurry as 2016 may be the last summer for this cruise." ~ Linda and John, AQ clients 2015

"Our family of four booked a charter on the Alaska Quest so we could visit a remote location important to our family history. Never having traveled to Alaska or taken a boat charter, we did not know what to expect. The charter exceeded our wildest expectations!   From the wildlife sightings to the gorgeous glacier scenery, the kayaking, the fishing and shrimping, the fresh delicious meals, and the comfortable accommodations, every aspect of our trip was truly wonderful. Captain Tom and Tish made our children feel at home and comfortable, while teaching them all about Alaskan wildlife, fishing, and history. Our sons went fishing with Captain Tom in the skiff, and came back loaded with trout, while Tish baked them chocolate chip cookies.  Our Alaskan charter was only one part of our Alaskan adventure, however it was HANDS DOWN the most memorable. It was a deeply personal experience for our family, and we felt so fortunate to have Captain Tom and Tish guiding us. Our only lament is that we could not stay aboard longer. We will return to the Alaska Quest!"   The Taylor Family (Ken, Lori, Griffin (10), Gavin (8), CA,  June 2010

"When we were informed that the boat we chartered for a four-day leg of a very carefully executed, once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Alaska never made it up for the season, we were devastated. After lots of back and forth with our outfitter, we settled on what they promised would be an excellent choice: the Alaska Quest.   I do believe in divine intervention because the minute we stepped on to that boat, I knew it was a great decision! It was a beautiful Alaskan-style yacht, tastefully furnished with all of the comforts we could ever want on our four-day journey. Tish and Tom, our hosts, welcomed us into their home and wanted nothing more than to please us. They were warm, friendly, and very entertaining. Tish prepared fabulous meals that really spoiled us! We fished, crabbed, and enjoyed the beautiful landscape. The up-close encounters viewing whales, orcas, and other wildlife were nothing short of amazing. I can't say enough about this fabulous part of our vacation. The Alaska Quest adventure by far exceeded our expectations, truly making this a vacation that we will never forget!"  Lisa and Ken K, June 2010

Soaring Eagle"Tish and Tom, thank you so much for the whale watching cruise. It was a real treat and your hospitality won’t be forgotten. Enjoy the DVD of the whale footage I took for your Web site!"  Marilyn N.; Parker, Colorado; October 2010

“Had a great time. Came out with ADFG for seal capture(research) trip. Good Captain, good cook, good crew! Thanks for the great experience. Hope to be back on the boat!” Jon B, ADFG-Juneau, 2012

“I am hopelessly spoiled now!” Gail B, ADFG-Juneau, 2012

“Unreal, couldn’t have asked for a better time or better crew! Best Food Ever!” Nick E, Montana

“Thank you again in the name of all my family, we had a great time, wonderful food and enjoyed talking to you all” Patricia P, Mexico City, 2011

“What can I say?—Tish and Tom are as beautiful as the State they love! You can’t go wrong being with them!” Carol Y, 2011

“Any place you go on this charter with Tom and Tish will be an experience of a lifetime…I want to thank you for the most memorable vacation I’ve ever had!” Todd, Monterey CA, 2011

Alaska Quest Yacht“Saw bears, goats, glaciers (oh my gosh, so amazing!) more bears, seals, hot springs, whales, more bears, more whales. Lots of fun times chatting and laughing.” Jenny M, Port Townsend WA,  2011

“Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. I look forward to spending time with you again…when we return to Alaska. Please be in touch.” Carla and Terrell, Pennsylvania, 2011

“The trip was magical. The commeraderie among the six of us was great! The hospitality was over the top. Tom worked his butt off. Tish’s cooking and care was wonderful.”  Art C, Olympia, WA, 2011

‘We want to thank you all for trying so hard to make my long time dream a reality. The “make a Wish” trip was one of a kind for both of us! Our trip was the absolute greatest experience!” Judy G, Pasadena, 2011, 2012-and coming 2013
“We want to thank you both for the opportunity to spend a week on your lovely boat. The trip was incredible, the food was fabulous and the company and time with you was the best! Can’t wait to try some of Tish’s great recipes…” Diane C, Camano Island WA, 2011

“Tish and Tom are just the most kind and friendly hosts and provided us with a most unforgettable experience…leaves you with a yearning for more…” Sari and Gabriel A, Israel, 2011

Sea Lion Fishing“Dear People…we feel we met FRIENDS, that we had the loveliest vacation with two wonderful people- each in her/his own way. We do hope to see you again- sometime somewhere.” Jonathan Z, Israel 2011

“Tom and Tish are an incredible team...as hosts they are kind, fun, considerate and generous—and infectious in their love of Alaska!” Bernice Z, Israel, 2011

“We came to Juneau to search out and climb large frozen waterfalls. In the end we climbed a 420m smear of ice. It was a great adventure!” Ryan J, international ice climber-winter charter 2012

“We had such a good trip, we are planning on our third trip...This has been the best family trip we have ever done.” Emily Z, family of 5, Miami, 2012

“Tish, there are no words to express our thanks to you for working so hard for us and making us so happy with the food and to Tom for going out of his way to do so much for us.” Gil R, Miami, 2010, 2012 and booking 2013.

“Disney Photo has taken to the hospitality and great food of the Alaska Quest. Good company, great food, and an office with a view!” I will look forward to our next sailing.” Mark D, Disney Destinations Marketing, work charter, Florida, 2012

“Amazing trip! Beautiful scenery! It’s been incredible and special to get to spend time with Tom and Tish. Thank you both for working so hard to make our trip more than we imagined…thanks for re-energizing us!” Carla L, Dallas TX, 2012

Brown Bear Stare Down“Thank you so much for being so kind to us. You go so far for the extra mile for your guests. Food was amazing. Side trips so amazing, everything so wonderful! Doug L, Austin TX, 2012

“What a joy to spend a week with two such compatible people. You have created a wonderful lifestyle for yourselves and we count ourselves lucky that we could share a week with you both. The boat felt like HOME the minute I stepped on board!” Gwyn G, Florida, 2012

“Tish and Tom Satre, True Alaskan Hospitality!” Brad P, Dallas TX, 2012

“Thank you so much for a trip beyond expectations. Great fishing, great food, wonderful conversation and an unbelievable bubble-netting opportunity!!” Gregg L, Dallas TX, 2012

“What a trip and what a crew!. Thank you for everything!” Gerald D, Memphis, 2012

“From the depths of my heart and soul I want to thank you for the amazing gift and privilege of spending this time with you…” Steve O. and family of 6, Juneau, 2012

"Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality! Although the five pounds gained from your fabulous cooking will fade with time, the memories of our adventure with you will last a lifetime. Meyers Chuck was the highlight. With kayaking on calm waters, movie entertainment, and that amazing sky, it was absolutely marvelous. We wish you every success on the Alaska Quest! Forever thankful...Dave & Lyn" May 2010