Tish and Tom Satre (say-tree) thought long and hard about retirement after both were diagnosed with cancer. They chose to “grab the brass ring” early and embark on a new career together: Captain and First Mate (or “Admiral," as Tom jokingly refers to Tish).   Tish’s love of cooking and entertaining blends beautifully with Tom’s superb boating skills and knowledge of Alaskan waters. They have been known to use their boat over 500 hours a year when both were working full-time. The newly purchased and refurbished Alaska Quest has been a labor of love with the intent of sharing Alaskan waters in the summer with people that want a very special yachting experience


Cptn TomTom Satre was born and raised in Juneau and is a third-generation Alaskan and of Norwegian decent. Tom was a business owner for 30 years in wholesale food and then in maritime shipping in Southeast Alaska.   His credentials include ten years as port manager in the marine transportation industry, past commodore of the Juneau Yacht Club, a 200-ton master’s license, TWIC and facility security credentials, CPR and first aid certifications, and 40-plus years of recreational boating experience.  He loves sharing Alaska with people from all over the world.



Tish Griffin SatreTish Griffin Satre came to Alaska in 1985 to work at the University of Alaska. She met Tom on a blind date in 2001 after admiring his 42-foot Ed Monk Trawler sitting in the harbor. Together they share a love of the water, boating, and the beauty of Southeast Alaska.   Tish has been active in the community as a past president of Glacier Valley Rotary and is vice-president on the board of a local  nonprofit, Cancer Connection.  Tish retired in 2009 after a successful career in higher education administration, culminating as Vice Chancellor of Student Services at University of Alaska Southeast. With six children between them and three grandchildren, retirement has lent some great family time in the off-season.